Meet Dr. Sarah Ward, Family Chiropractor Serving Roseville, CA and the surrounding area

Hey guys! I’m Dr. Sarah Ward and I’m so excited to welcome you to the WFC family! Our whole goal is to help your body restore itself from the inside out so that you can keep doing what you LOVE for as long as you want.

We absolutely believe that it’s possible to restore your health, connect to a family and community (welcome to the WFC fam!) and help you elevate your entire life with quality chiropractic care and caring relationships.

What makes WFC different?

One of the things we strive so hard to do is to treat you like a person and not just a list of symptoms. We understand that you are a unique individual with a unique health history and unique goals. As such, your treatment plan should be formulated to help you feel better and reach your health goals, not a “one size fits all” recommendation.

We also strive to be more than just a “snap-crackle-pop” doc or someone who rushes you in and out without taking time to hear your concerns. We want to truly help you take control of your wellness with tools and training to help you stay feeling good in between adjustments. 

I truly believe that Chiropractic chose me, and I am honored to share my gift to help you elevate to the life you want to live.

"Dr. Sarah Ward is an amazing chiropractor who treats patients as a whole person, which is so rare. She worked with me to develop a treatment plan for long-term relief and management of my chronic neck pain which included strategies for me to implement in addition to chiropractic adjustments. I am so grateful to Dr. Ward for sharing her expertise as a highly-skilled chiropractor and for the care and concern she has for all of her patients."


"I appreciate how Dr. Ward takes care of my children and myself - our visits are full of smiles and laughter. The relief I feel in my neck and back and increased range of motion that I have all thanks to the techniques that Dr. Ward uses are very appreciated, I could not be happier with her care."

Mathew W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Sarah since she started at Ward Family Chiropractic.
Dr. Sarah is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and effective. She is very observant and really listens to her clients. I trust her completely and won't go anywhere else.


Meet the Team

Steve Garcia


You’re likely to hear Steve answer the phone or meet him when you first walk into the office.



Mateo comes to the office with them occasionally and is happy to greet all the patients with his contagious smile.

Massage Therapist

We are lucky to have Lannette Becher working out of our office and to be able to point patients to a quality massage therapist who will work in conjunction with your chiropractic treatment plan.

Lannette Becher

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